Smart, portable device for local cryostimulation

  • CRYO-T 2 device is easy to carry and simple in use.
  • It has been designed to enable users to travel to the patient destination or move around within a facility as needed.
  • The design of CRYO-T 2 is done for maximum comfortability and light in carrying for any person.
  • The device can be supplied from a Co2 cylinder of any size (not included) and is offered with 3 different nozzles (two core nozzles and one hyperbaric nozzle).

Nozzles enable accurate application

Each nozzle has a different gas flow distribution and stream strength. All nozzles have electronic regulators allowing adjustment to working parameters.

  • Nozzle No 1. - Hyperbaric nozzle Cryofacial, needle-free carboxytherapy. The main feature of hyperbaric nozzle is the possibility of strong flow generation enabling higher pressure on the skin surface. This significantly increases cold penetration in the skin and Co2 absorption that has a positive effect on the body approved by clinical researches. This nozzle works perfect for veterinaries

  • Nozzle No 2. Cryofacial, small muscles.

  • Nozzle No 3. Cryoshaping, large muscles.


Temperature of cold stream

Stream intensiveness regulation

Nozzles connection port

Power source

Cylinder capacity

Temperature recognition system

Standard nozzles set


÷ -80°C (-112°F)

Nozzle adjusting ring


230 V or 110 V

10-40 l

LED System

3 pcs