Dedicated for the face, head, neck, neckline and hands

Improved microstimulation

This procedure gives immediate lifting effects, smoothing out wrinkles, improving the facial oval and firming the areas that have lost their elasticity. The skin stimulated by a stream of cold and pressure is instantly tightened and firmed. Microcirculation is improved, thanks to which the skin is enriched with oxygen - unnecessary metabolic waste products and free radicals are cleaned. The second beneficial effect resulting from increased microcirculation is nourishment of the skin - active elements reach it faster and deeper.


  • Loss of skin firmness
  • Deep wrinkles on the forehaed
  • Swelling, bags under the eyes
  • Saggy cheeks
  • Skin limpness profilaxis at the age of 35+

Wrinkles smothing

Evening out

the skin tone


of skin condition